Vit’s Italian Mi Goreng Aglio Olio


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Vit’s Italian Mi Goreng Aglio Olio Instant Noodles is inspired by Italian classics. It is a creation which combines local instant noodle  flavour and Italian flavour. Definitely an extraordinary bowl of mi goreng your tastebuds find satisfying. Every creation from Vit’s is easy to prepare and perfect for a quick meal or even parties. It is free from preservatives and artificial colouring. Last and none the least, these two mouthwatering quick fixes come with affordable prices as well. A perfect fusion between Italian and local flavours that is super versatile and delectable, buy wholesale Vit’s Italian Mi Goreng Aglio Olio on Minebizs today!

Noodles: Wheat Flour, Palm oil, salt, contain thickener, Humectant, and acidity regulators as permitted food conditioners.

Seasoning powder:
Chicken seasoning, Garlic Powder, Sugar, contains Monosodium Glutamate as permitted flavours enhancer,  spices, contains Disodium 5″- Ribonucleotides as permitted flavours enhancer, contains permitted flavouring substances and contains Anticaking agent as permitted food conditioner

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