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DAEBAK Kimchi Ramyeon 103g x 5 packs

The Kimchi Ramyeon is Korea’s national dish – a combination of spicy, tangy and umami flavors packed in a hot bowl of hearty noodle soup.

The soup base combines sweetness from assorted vegetables & the umami taste of seafood broth. This traditional dish can be dated back to 1590s during the mid-Joseon era, it is now one of the most common noodle soup dish in Korean cuisine.

The core ingredient – Kimchi, is a fermented napa cabbage seasoned with gochugaru, salt, spring onions, garlic, ginger and jeotgal. It’s spicy, umami and sour flavor adds a perfect zing to any dish.

This product utilizes the same signature DAEBAK Ramensari noodle cake recipe, but is specially molded into Asian meal portions, prefect for customizing with your favorite toppings (like any type of kimchi, sundubu, scallions or meat slices) or eating it just by itself.

The product comes with pre-packed kimchi, chili rings & chives condiments.

Cooking Tips: The boiled noodle water contains important flavours that are specially curated to blend well with the seasoning, which enhances the overall richness of the broth base. So DO NOT replace the boiled noodle water with clear hot water.

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