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DAEBAK Rabokki 113g x 5 packs

The DAEBAK Rabokki is a traditional ramyeon dish that’s coated with a sweet & spicy tteok-bokki sauce – basically the addition of Ramyeon into tteok-bokki (rice cake dish stir-fried in a spicy-sweet gochujang). It is every Korean’s go to comfort street food commonly sold in bunsikjip (snack bars).

The common ingredients used in preparing the sauce are gochujang, gochugaru, sugar, garlic and soy sauce. Every family has their twist to it, but the common taste profile is basically a rich sweet thick sauce like texture with very slight hints of spiciness.

This product utilizes the same signature DAEBAK Ramensari noodle cake recipe, but is specially moulded into Asian meal portions, prefect for customizing with your favorite toppings (like eomuk, hard boiled eggs, scallions, Korean rice cakes etc) or eating it just by itself.

The product comes with pre-packed chives, chili rings & toasted sesame seeds condiments.

Cooking Tips: Try mixing the Rabokki seasoning with 3-4 tablespoons of water to get a tastier & silkier sauce consistency.

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